Import sub-committee

Import sub-committee is an active and important committee. Mr. Mushtaq Wali Mohammad is the convener of the said committee. The committee helps its members regarding import and customs related matters. Furthermore, advice of the committee is given importance regarding timber price valuation.

Law and order sub-committee

The committee under supervision of its President Suleman Somro is working along with Napier police station to deal with law and order situation of the Timber market. Mr. Maqsood Ahmed is the convener of the committee. Furthermore, a Police outpost has been established at Khyber Chowk, Timber Market and police mobile is also available at point. In order to cover expenses incurred to deal with law order issues each member contribute Rs. 500/- per month. In addition to the contribution made by members, banks operating in the vicinity pay fees of Rs. 5,000/- per month.

Reconciliation sub-committee

Mr. M Sharjeel Goplani is the convener of the sub-committee. The committee plays its role in resolution of dispute or issue among members.

Labor sub-committee

This committee ensures that all labour get uniform rates against the duties they perform. Mr. Haji Hussain Khan Turk is the convener of the sub-committee.

I.T and media sub-committee

This committee is responsible to ensure activities of the group are highlighted through appropriate media coverage and internet. Mr. Sajjad Ali Soomro is the convener of the committee.