Karachi Timber Merchants Group is the representative trade body of merchants dealing in wood. The said group was established before independence of Pakistan in earlier 1930s. In this way, the said group is the most ancient trade body of Pakistan.

Karachi Timber Merchants Group is a registered trade body having its own constitution, under which elections are held each year, through which members of the group choose their representatives.

All members of the group have NTN. These members pay significant amount of rupees worth billions against customs duty and taxes to the National Exchequer playing a significant role in the economic growth and progress of the country. Many of the group members are known as country’s major taxpayer.

Karachi timber merchants group helps and guides all of its members in matters related to Government and semi-government institutions. Furthermore, customs authorities obtain advice and guidance from the group regarding customs value of wood. These advices are given important by the authorities.

Trade councilors of many countries including United States, Canada, Belgium, etc. have also visited the group office. Furthermore, Government Ministers, police and Rangers high officials, delegates of various commercial and private institutions often visit the office of Karachi Timber Merchant Groups.