Member Services

The group provides its members any kind of assistance required regarding resolution of matter related with government or semi-government authorities for example, K-electric, FBR, police, court, customs etc. The group provided assistance and support after the incident of December 2014 of fire, helping traders and the residents of the vicinity, even though they were not the members of the group, by arranging all necessary support through Sindh government and Bahria Town.

Visa Recommendation Letter

In order to get the Visa Recommendation Letter, members should send an application to Honorable General Secretary on their letter heads mentioning name of the country for which the visa is required together with the reasons be it personal or business related. The said application should contain complete particular of the person including name, passport number, and other detail of the passport. The application should be sent along with a photocopy of passport and a nominal fee of Rs. 1,500/- to group office.

Attestation for Custom Purposes

Members will be provided verification of consignment from the Group Office for customs purpose, against complete original documentation of the consignment together with photocopy including the invoice, packing list, bill of lading, letter of credit along with a written application.  The managing committee of the group will verify the copies against the original and will issue the verification letter. The said member will be charged Rs. 1,500/-  per letter.

The Karachi Timber Merchants Group office is often sent to confirm the sample timber through customs and port. Group managing committee provides every possible support in this regard to the government authorities an honor for us and indication the confidence of the government of the group.